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About Us

AFRIHOPE INTERNATIONAL, INC. (AHlI), a 501 (c) (3) Organization since 1994, was formed to provide humanitarian and educational assistance to under-served peoples all over the world with more focus in African developing nations. Our goal is to lend a helping hand to those who struggle on a daily basis to survive by providing the basic amenities – education on how to be self-reliant by acquiring the necessary skill required in the workplace to contribute to the society and their communities, equip public hospitals and clinics with medicines, medical equipment and supplies and youth development.


Today our focus on the welfare of the less privileged and to educate with emphasis on developing the know-how in Information Technology to people here in Massachusetts and globally. Our goal is to simplify Information Technology Training and get Diversified folks trained and ready to function effectively in the shortest amount of time and remove the stereotype that has kept many diverse groups such as people of color, Hispanic, Women, Veteran, College graduate that lack the marketable skills, Unemployed folks whose job has been outsourced, people that are interested in career change, low income folks, Folks that are ready to earn living wages.


As we strive to attain all set goals, we are in the process of establishing AfriHope Information Technology Center to train to offer expertise knowledge in Information Technology. Our goal is to simplify Information Technology Training and get Diversified folks trained and ready to function effectively. At the completion of this training and all the training continuous assessment exercises, project and other requirement, a certificate of completion as “Information Technology Specialist /Professional” will be given to each graduating Student.

"This is our world, this is our lives.
The future of the next generation is in our hands. Let us, as a global community, make it a better place for them."

- The President


- Donated medicines, medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and clinics in Africa – Nigeria, Serria Leone, Guinea, Congo, Liberia and Haiti worth $2,500,000.


- Donated Computers to Schools, Orphanages and Health care facilities in some counties in Africa worth $500,000.


- Donated books worth over $1,000,000 (US Dollars) to Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria.