Central Hospital

Central Hospital Benin City

Donated Medical equipment and supplies such as Large Drapes/Rehab/Drop Seat W/Alarm/Halo Safety Ring/Peds/Trach Care Kit X5/Breast Milk Storage Bottles/Enteral Pump Delivery Sets/Biopsy Curettes/Lactated Ringers IV (Indate Liter)/Kangaroo Pump Set X2/Bulb Syringes (Non-sterile)/Drain Sponges/Sharps Containers/Suction Cath Kits/CV Items/Suction Cath Kits (FR-12)/Blood Sets/Enteral Infinity sets Only/Airway/Tube Feeding/Irrigation Syringes (LL tips) worth over $500,000 to the Hospital

  • Location: Benin City, Nigeria

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